Is there an endpoint to create a custom platform?


I have provided SugarCRM integration as an option for our website. I have been using "base" platform for making API calls. As using this platform causes login conflict, I am planning on asking the users to add a custom platform by a name I specify before integrating their SugarCRM account in our website, and modify our token endpoints here so that it uses that particular custom platform.

The problem is that a few customers might have already integrated their SugarCRM accounts in our website, and it is already working using the base platform. I was wondering if there was an endpoint that I could use to create the custom platform on those users' accounts directly using REST API. This would solve the problem for existing users who have already integrated their accounts.

I see that the block on unknown platforms was recently added, and anyone providing integrations using a custom platform before (without the user adding it) might have gotten affected. If so, what was the method used to solve that problem? If anyone came across the issue, please share your thoughts.

Any help regarding this would be really appreciated. Thanks.