Bulk Upsert REST API for data loads and integrations

The goal of this sample code is to be able to create and update big amounts of data quickly, by leveraging only REST API for integration and initial data load purposes for on-site implementations.

The code implements a POST based bulk upsert API for Sugar, that completes SQL lookups based on external system's unique keys and inserts or updates (upserts) multiple beans per HTTP request at once.

The sample code, sample configuration and requests/response are available on SugarLabs at the following link: https://github.com/sugarcrmlabs/BulkImport 

It requires Sugar 7.9 and above, as it leverages prepared statements and it has been tested/developed on MySQL.

Please note that this sample code is not provided as an installable module, as extensive configuration is required, including creation of external data key fields and indexes for those fields.