Season 3 Episode 6: What's New in SugarClub with Alex Nassi

Show Notes:

In this episode, we discuss SugarClub with our special guest, Alex Nassi, SugarCRM’s Digital CX Operations Director. Alex discussed the following topics:

  • Why use SugarClub,
  • Updates and upgrades,
  • What’s coming in the future, and
  • How to get involved in a community.

He also shares his experience at a recent conference with other community managers. He encourages listeners to get involved in the SugarClub community and promotes creating your own communities within your organization. Contact SugarClub if you want help creating a community site at your organization (see email below).

Here are additional links discussed in this podcast episode for your reference:

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Navigating the SugarClub Site

Community Quick Start Guide

SugarCRM Support Page Update blog post to contact the SugarClub Team