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Watch the recorded sessions from our first ever ClubZone user conference, you'll find the sessions from the Marketing track for all regions in this course. 


The Dynamic Duo: Sales & Marketing Working Together

When sales and marketing teams work well together, your business prospers and grows. Unfortunately, sales reps and marketers are often at odds, leading to miscommunication, missing data, and lost opportunities. We would like to show you how to seamlessly align your sales and marketing teams by utilizing CRM and marketing automation technologies.

In this 30-minute session, you will learn the following:

-The 3 most common challenges

-Best practices to align sales and marketing

-The combined power of Marketing Automation and CRM 

Scoring Readiness: Lead Scoring & SugarPredict

In this session we will review how to prepare for using Sugar Market’s scoring features, Lead Scoring and SugarPredict.  Join this session to learn more about the differences between the two features, items to consider prior to manually creating a lead scoring profile, and the prerequisites for SugarPredict eligibility in your account.

How a Sales Leader Leverages Sugar for ABM Program Success

Listen to Sugar's own Jason Rushforth, SVP and GM of Americas talk about how he leverages ABM. 

SugarClub: The not-so-secret sauce for leveling up your Sugar experience

Learn how to get the most out of SugarClub, SugarCRM’s online user community. Alex Nassi, Sr. Community Manager at SugarCRM, will be showcasing the benefits of being a SugarClub member, giving a live tour of the site, and tips on how to make sure you’re taking advantage of the great SugarClub programs. Whether you’ve been a member of the Sugar community for years or haven’t yet visited SugarClub (what are you waiting for!?), you’re sure to learn something new to elevate your Sugar experience.

Managing CX and EX across Sales, Marketing and Services

A people-centric strategy puts great customer experience and engaged employees in the mix across the organization’s sales, marketing and services teams to ensure success on all fronts. Join us at this session where Annabel Worthington, General Manager (Sales, Marketing and CX), Wesley Mission Queensland shares with us how the organization put this into practice serving consumers across the country.

Sugars Using Sugar: GDPR Compliance and Email Subscription Best Practices

In this session, we will discuss how SugarCRM uses Sugar Market in GDPR-compliant lead generation, while taking the next steps for a better user experience. This session will focus on a walk-through of the set-up, logic, and nurture programs that have been developed for Sugar’s upcoming GDPR/Double-Opt-In workflow and Email Preference Center.

Dentalia´s Success Story México

Dentalia is a 100% Mexican company, leader in dental health services with 14 years of experience. We ́ll explain how Dentalia decides to innovate and explore a new way to manage sales and customers with SugarCRM and how by using this software it has been possible for them to save contact information and initiate the appropriate follow-up process from SugarCRM.

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