SugarLive - Omnichannel service with Voice and Chat

 A key goal for a great customer service is to make the entire experience effortless for the customer. Companies that provide effortless experience consistently do better than their peers.  Think of names like Nordstorm, Ritz Carlton, Trader Joes, Zappos and many more. The one thing thats common to their approach is they reduce the effort it takes for their customer to obtain service.

One of the most effective methods for providing effortless experience is Omnichannel. We live in an Omnichannel world. More and more channels are opening up for customers to communicate. Omnichannel experience allows customers to reach customer service by any channel of choice through the case. They may open a case on email, followup on chat, escalate on the phone, and converse on the portal. More importantly the customer service team has all the information from the customer including all past interactions regardless of the channel they communicated. This allows an agent to see the entire conversation so that customers don't have to repeat in their next conversation. 

Sugar Serve already had channel capabilities with email and the self service portal.  We are now expanding our Omnichannel capabilities. 65% of customer service still happens on phone. Chat/text messaging are becoming popular.  Sugar Serve now includes voice and chat capabilities in a brand new experience called SugarLive.

SugarLive is an immersive Omnichannel experience within Sugar Serve that provides agents with real time contextual information while they are in a conversation. 

To power SugarLive, we have partnered with Amazon Connect. Amazon Connect is a cloud based contact center application from Amazon, a leader in Cloud technology.

Amazon Connect offers voice and chat capabilities in a single platform and user experience. Customers can get started in minutes once they sign up. IVR or contact flows can be easily set up with their graphical interface. The best part about Amazon Connect is that it upends the traditional call center infrastructure in that there is no fixed cost or upfront cost. You only pay by the minutes or by the number of chat messages. It is extremely quick to set up and can easily adapt to changing business demands. It also includes access to many services such as voice transcription, sentiment analytics, chatbots, speech to text, tex to speech etc.

Let's see SugarLive in action. In this video, you can see how an agent uses SugarLive to respond to incoming voice and chat and how they can use to make outgoing calls. 

A few key points about SugarLive. 

  • SugarLive is only available for Sugar Serve. We have plans to add it to Sugar Sell in a future release. 
  • Customers will need their own Amazon Connect accounts. They will only pay for voice and chat by usage. There is a free tier available for customers to get started and play around. 
  • Once an Amazon Connect account is set up, the configuration within Sugar is very simple and takes minutes. 
  • There is no additional cost to the SugarLive interface. It is automatically included in SugarServe starting from the Q4 2020 release (October 2020)
  • SugarLive will only work with Chrome and Firefox browsers. 

Click on this page to learn more about Amazon Connect and set up an account. 

View our documentation for more details about SugarLive.