New SugarLive enhancements - Coming in Q1 2021 !

After the successful launch of SugarLive in the last release, I am really excited to share some recent enhancements to SugarLive! SugarLive is an immersive omni-channel experience within Sugar Serve that provides agents with real-time contextual information while they are in a conversation. In the future, we plan to introduce SugarLive in Sugar Sell, but that's a different topic for a future blog post.

To power SugarLive, we have partnered with Amazon Connect, a cloud-based contact center application from Amazon. In the current release, we have enhanced SugarLive with new features that are designed to improve service agents' efficiency and productivity. Some of these features are:

Capture Relevant Insights While Engaging with Customers

Serve agents can add notes and other information in the call or chat Summary panel while they are on a chat or a call. This allows agents to quickly jot down important details, resulting in enhanced productivity for the agents. This also improves the accuracy of the notes captured by the agents as this is now done in real-time and not after the call or chat is over. You can search for customer conversations later using specific note text in order to perform any post-call analysis.

Personalized Response with Auto-Identification of Contacts & Cases

SugarLive now automatically identifies Contact & Case information and shows it in the new Summary panel for easy access to this information for agents. This helps improve agent productivity and in turn customer experience because agents can now provide personalized, rapid response by having relevant contact and case data at their fingertips. SugarLive also lets agents quickly relate a contact and case to the current call or message record providing better insight into your contacts and customers.

Extending Omnichannel with Chat-Enabled Portal

Augment your customer experience by easily embedding live chat from Amazon Connect and an AI chatbot from Amazon Lex in Sugar Portal. Empower your agents to resolve issues on the spot, or provide automated responses with bots. This new feature extends the omni-channel capabilities to the Sugar self-service portal. You can customize the way the new chat widget is shown in the portal using a number of attributes like header image, title, subtitle, etc. based on your organization's branding. The inclusion of the AI chatbot on the portal helps control support costs while improving the experience for your customers.

Click-To-Call for Outbound Calling

With the new Click-to-Call feature your agents can make an outbound call in a single click resulting in improved efficiency for the agents. Once a call is made via Amazon Connect, SugarLive is opened, and if the phone number matches a contact in Sugar then the corresponding contact is shown in the Contact tab of the SugarLive. This makes it easy for agents to access all the relevant and contextual information.

Auto-Archive of Call Transcripts and Recording Links

SugarLive now supports automated archiving of transcripts including a sentiment value (e.g. “Positive”, “Neutral”, “Negative”) for each entry and the recording link for customer calls. This will help you train your agents, replicate successful interactions, and track compliance. These transcripts are globally searchable in Sugar in order to quickly troubleshoot customer issues.

The above-mentioned features provide an improved customer experience for your customers by not only helping your agents resolve questions and issues more quickly and efficiently, but also in some cases, eliminating the need for your customers to talk with the agents at all by using the new self-service chatbot.

In order to take advantage of these features, you can download the deployment guide along with the Lambda functions, Lex bot, and CloudFormation template needed to set up the features from your account's Downloads page. 

To learn more about Amazon Connect, see the Amazon Connect documentation on Amazon's website. For more information on the new SugarLive features, please see the Sugar Serve Q1 2021 release notes.