Sugar Sell Q4 2022 is Live

SugarCRM is excited to announce the release of Sugar Sell Q4 2022.

Release Week

To further expand on the impassioned feedback from our customers resulting in the recent Report Viewer experience updates in the Q3 2022 release, we are excited to further improve the way reports are accessed, read, and analyzed in Sugar again this quarter! Below, you'll find more details about these new features and ways to learn more about how these changes can be leveraged. Please make sure you have notifications turned on for Release Week to be notified about updates across the entire Sugar platform.

Watch the following video to hear from , Sr. Director of Product Management for Sugar Sell, as she gives a quick showcase of some of the enhancements in this release, and then continue reading below to dive deeper into more of the new functionality that is now available.

Drill down into report results using Focus Drawers

The ability to use Focus Drawers has been added to reports, allowing users to drill into a report's chart and easily see the details in one view. Previously, clicking on the drill-down results of a report would force the user to navigate away from the report being viewed, slowing down their workflow. Users will now quickly be able to see the report details via a filtered list view result in the focus drawer.

The new Report Dashlet provides a context-aware experience, data tables, and filters

  • New name, new functionality: Previously known as the "Saved Reports Chart Dashlet," the improved "Report" dashlet allows users to review more valuable insights from where they're already working, without having to navigate to the Reports module.

  • Context-aware: On the record or Focus Drawer dashboard, dashlets can be configured to automatically filter based on the current record being viewed. For example, a case or opportunity report dashlet will only show cases or opportunities related to the current account when the dashlet's "Related to current record" checkbox is enabled.

  • Choose how you want to see your results: Users can now toggle dashlets to display either a data table or a chart as available. This also means that the dashlet can be created for a report without a chart, which was not possible in previous versions of Sugar.

  • Set runtime filters and sort results from the dashlet: Different result sets can be viewed by setting runtime filters and adjusting how the data is sorted directly from the dashlet, without having to navigate away to the full report viewer.

Charts are now included with scheduled report emails

  • Scheduled report emails now save users even more time with the inclusion of charts with the email. Having regularly scheduled reports emailed to various audiences saves users time and creates a cadence of regular data review. This release gives recipients even more valuable information quickly and easily within their inboxes, saving the clicks of navigating to Sugar to simply view a chart.
  • The chart can also be configured to be included in the email body or as an attachment (or both), allowing the recipient to easily access the chart in their preferred manner.

Real-time Metrics available in the Renewal Console

  • Metric Tabs, powered by the new Metrics module, allow the Renewals Console to be divided into configurable, filtered groupings, allowing users to work through a subset of accounts and opportunities in a filtered, prioritized, and dynamic way. The tabs within the view can be modified by the user to configure which metrics are most relevant and beneficial, empowering individual users with a more holistic and collaborative view of the whole team's performance and data.
  • Administrators can create and deploy predefined filters and metrics to various teams across Sugar, helping ensure the right people see the right data at the right time, and then take action accordingly. Individual users can then use and organize these configurations to further fulfill their own needs.
  • These changes empower the individual user with more visibility, the ability to mitigate risk, and a way to save time. In turn, these changes then benefit the entire organization.

And More!

  • Review the Sugar Sell Release Notes to learn more about all of the new features and enhancements in this release, as well as additional fixes to address issues in previous releases of Sugar.

When Will I Be Upgraded?

Customers will receive further communication regarding their automatic upgrades shortly per the SugarCloud Policy Guide - Upgrade Policy. This release represents the next step in the SugarCRM quarterly feature delivery model, delivering innovation for customers hosted on SugarCloud. Please visit the Supported Platforms page for a complete list of supported browsers.

Additional Documentation & Release Notes

To learn more about this release, please review the following content:

Sugar Q4 2022 Developer Resources

Our Developer Advocacy team has made available the following resources to assist developers with the changes associated with this release:

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