Sugar Sell Q3 2022 is Live

SugarCRM is excited to announce the release of Sugar Sell Q3 2022.

Release WeekAfter hearing impassioned feedback from our customers, we are extremely excited to introduce an updated Report Viewer experience in this release! Please make sure you have notifications turned on for Release Week to be notified about more exciting information about this release and other quarterly updates across the entire Sugar platform.

Read more about the changes to Reports and other highlights of Sugar Sell Q3 2022 below:

  • Report-viewing user experience improvements
    • After working with our customers and compiling excellent feedback, the Reports Viewer gets a new user experience in this release. The main changes users will see when viewing a report are as follows:
      • Updated User Interface: A new, modern look and feel, giving more space to the important data on the screen allowing users to quickly and easily access what they need. 
      • Filters have been moved to the right side of the screen for easy access to edit the report results. Filters are also displayed as a visual diagram instead of text to make understanding the applied filters more natural and intuitive.
      • Customizable View: Users now can change the size and positions of the chart, data table, or filter containers. Elements can also be minimized to hide from view when not in use.

    • The steps to create a report are the same as in previous versions of Sugar and existing reports do not need to be modified to take advantage of these improvements. Users will see these changes on all existing and future reports.
New-Reports-Viewer New-Reports-Viewer
  • Forecasting Updates: The Forecast module has been updated to allow managers a better overall view of their team and the deals that fall within their organization. In addition, managers and sellers will see the most up-to-date version of the deals and be able to take advantage of improved filters on the Forecasting Worksheet. Some of these highlights include:
    • Pipeline Review: Managers are now able to see every deal within their organization in one single view. Forecasts now also display Opportunities instead of Revenue Line Items, allowing users to evaluate deals as a whole rather than the sum of the parts. During sales calls, managers can inspect the team's deals, leveraging focus drawers, from directly within the Forecasts module.
    • Responsive Forecast MetricsResponsive metric tabs have been added to the Forecasting Worksheet that will help users further evaluate their deals. With just a click, users will be able to get immediate insight into how many deals have been won and the total revenue of these without having to create a separate report.  
    • Additional Deal Filtering: Users will also be able to add another layer of filtering by using their regular Opportunities List View filter on top, which will recalculate the metric values specifically for the filtered criteria.
    • Responsive Data Chart VisualizationSell Premier users will be able to see how their forecast and pipeline have changed over different fiscal periods and across different teams in their organization through the Forecast Changes dashlet, whichnreflects the new context when switching the worksheet between team members.
      Note: This capability is for Sugar Sell Premier and will be available after Sugar Discover 10.0 is released. It requires implementation by a SugarCRM representative or partner.
    • Advanced Forecasting in Dark Mode: Sell Premier users will now be able to see their “Discover” Dashlets in Dark Mode
      Note: This capability is only available for Sugar Sell Premier
Forecasting-Additional-Filtering Pipeline-Inspection-for-all-users

change-period-and-name Dark-Mode-Discover
  • Improved readability of emails in the Emails focus drawer: The Email Record View dashlet has been expanded to allow users to see the full content of long emails in the Emails focus drawer on Record View. With this update, users no longer have to resize the Record View dashlet or scroll to see the entire email.


  • Integration Enhancements 
    • Dropbox cloud-drive integration: Sugar's cloud drive integration now supports Dropbox, allowing users to interact with Dropbox files via the Cloud Drive dashlet from any dashboard in Sugar.
    • DocuSign Status Notifications: Users can also now receive status notifications in the Notifications module whenever the status of their assigned DocuSign envelopes changes.
  • And more: Review the Sugar Sell Release Notes to learn more about all of the new features and enhancements in this release, as well as additional fixes to address issues in previous releases of Sugar.

When Will I Be Upgraded?

Customers will receive further communication regarding their automatic upgrades shortly per the SugarCloud Policy Guide - Upgrade Policy. This release represents the next step in the SugarCRM quarterly feature delivery model, delivering innovation for customers hosted on SugarCloud. Please visit the Supported Platforms page for a complete list of supported browsers. 

Additional Documentation & Release Notes

To learn more about this release, please review the following content:

Sugar Q3 2022 Developer Resources

Our Developer Advocacy team has made available the following resources to assist developers with the changes associated with this release:

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