Customer Journey Plug-in is now Sugar Automate

The Customer Journey Plug-in has become an essential part of Sugar, helping our customers effortlessly complete processes big and small. It’s an incredible tool, there’s no doubting it, and now that it has become an official addition to the Sugar lineup, we think it’s time for a sweet name change. Drum roll please...introducing Sugar Automate!

While the name has changed, Sugar Automate is the same powerful and dynamic visual process tool we have all come to love. In addition to the name change, some of the language you will see while using Sugar Automate has changed. Let’s catch you up to speed!

Continue to guide your processes in Sugar with Smart Guides formally known as Customer Journeys. This renaming will apply to all aspects of Sugar Automate; for example, the Customer Journey Templates module is now the Smart Guides Templates module. You can find updated end-to-end Sugar Automate documentation reflecting all these naming changes here.

When will I see this change?

Good question! Customers using Sugar 11.0.4 and 12.0.1+ can follow the installation steps outlined here to download Sugar Automate 6.0.0.

What if I am using a Sugar version that does not support Sugar Automate?

Customer Journey Plug-in can still be used by customers using other Sugar versions that support it. If you are using a Sugar version that does not support Sugar Automate you will need to upgrade to a supported Sugar version before you can begin using Sugar Automate.