SugarIdentity is now available for on-site Sugar instances

We would like to inform you that SugarIdentity, which supports comprehensive single sign-on (SSO) for the Sugar application, Sugar Connect, the SugarCRM mobile app etc., can now be activated for on-site Sugar instances via the activation portal.

Detailed release notes can be found here: SugarIdentity Release Notes 

Activation Guide for on-site instances: SugarIdentity Activation Guide for On-Site Instances 

What is Sugar Connect?

Sugar Connect is an email client add-in that lets you work with your Sugar data without navigating away from Outlook or Gmail. Sugar Connect is included with Sugar Sell Premier and Sugar Enterprise+. It is also available with the new version of Sugar Advanced, released May 2023. Some restrictions apply. Sugar Connect can also be purchased as an add-on for Sugar Enterprise and Sugar Serve.

Can SugarIdentity service be activated on any Sugar version?

No, your instance must be on a supported version, Sugar version 12.x or higher.

If I use Hint and Connect, can I still use SugarIdentity?

Yes, please review the activation region guidelines.

I get the error “The activation process cannot proceed as SugarIdentity is unable to communicate with your instance”.

Please check the IP address and make sure it is on the allow list. If you are unable to resolve this issue file a case with Sugar Support.

How do I know that SugarIdentity service is activated?

You will see the SugarCloud Settings link on your Sugar Admin page.

Additional resources:

If you need further support, please contact your partner. If you do not have a partner, reach out to Sugar directly by creating a case or emailing Sugar Support.