Security-Only support for Sugar 12.x until April 30, 2024

The 12.x versions of Sugar will enter the “Security-Only Support” phase on 31 October 2023. Security-Only Support means SugarCRM will only provide security-related issue fixes for Sugar 12.x. Non-security issue fixes and ideas or feature enhancements will no longer be provided. The Security-Only Support phase will last for 6 months before Sugar 12.x’s planned End-of-Support date of 30 April 2024, when all customer support, maintenance patches, and issue fixes for Sugar 12.x will cease.

During the Security-Only Support phase, SugarCRM strongly recommends customers perform one of the following actions prior to the End-of-Support date of 30 April 2024:

  • Migrate to SugarCloud. Migrating to SugarCloud has the benefit of automated product upgrades, as well as being SOC2 Type2 compliant. We are also currently undergoing audits to become ISO 27001 compliant. As a customer, you can talk to your Sugar or reseller partner sales representative about migration.
  • Upgrade to Sugar 13.x (current version 13.0.2), which will be supported until 30 April 2025.

If you cannot migrate to SugarCloud or upgrade to Sugar 13.x by 30 April 2024, please consider Sugar’s Upgrade Transition Program, which can provide extra time to plan an upgrade/migration to a supported version.

We understand that this announcement may require action on your part, and we are ready to assist with whichever path you choose. Please contact your Sugar partner or reach out to your Customer Success Manager or Sugar Support with any questions.

For more information about our version support policy and a complete list of End-of-Support dates, visit the Supported Versions page on the Sugar Support site.


The SugarCRM team