Product Catalog Dashlet: Available everywhere soon!

In Sugar's Winter '18 release we introduced a new dashlet that helps users navigate and search the product catalog and add items to a quote easily without leaving the quotes UI (see this blog post for more information).  There are many other places in Sugar where users need to be able to access the product catalog, so in the Spring '18 release we're making it available everywhere.

Opportunities and revenue line items

Enterprise Edition users who work with opportunities will notice that the Product Catalog Dashlet is now available in the opportunity create drawer.  They'll be able to easily find any item in their catalog and review the details of a specific item by opening the detail drawer as they create a new opportunity.  If they're using revenue line items, they'll be able to add a line item to an opportunity simply by clicking on the product's name.

The dashlet can be added to dashboards in opportunities record view as well.  If you're using revenue line items, you can continue adding line items to your opportunity in record view by clicking on product names in the dashlet.

Accounts and other modules with a Revenue Line Items subpanel

When users add the Product Catalog Dashlet to a module record view with an RLI subpanel -- the accounts module, for example -- clicking a product in the dashlet will open the RLI create drawer and automatically populate the relevant fields with values from the product catalog record.

In modules that do not have an RLI subpanel, or in list views, or the homepage, users will still be able to navigate the catalog hierarchy and open the details of a single product in a drawer, but will not be able to create RLIs or QLIs.

Limiting access to the dashlet

Users will be able to add the dashlet to any dashboard in Sugar by default.  If a user needs the product catalog on their home page, they just need to add the dashlet to their home dashboard. 

If an administrator needs to limit access to the dashlet, or make it available only in certain modules, they can do this by adding a module white list to the dashlet metadata.  The 'filter' => array section of the code below limits the dashlet to the Accounts, Opportunities, Quotes and Revenue Line Items modules. 

// ADD TO /custom/modules/Quotes/clients/base/views/product-catalog-dashlet/product-catalog-dashlet.php
$viewdefs['Quotes']['base']['view']['product-catalog-dashlet'] = array(
    'dashlets' => array(
            'label' => 'LBL_PRODUCT_CATALOG_DASHLET_NAME',
            'description' => 'LBL_PRODUCT_CATALOG_DASHLET_DESC',
            'config' => array(
                'module' => 'Quotes',
            'preview' => array(
            'filter' => array(
                'module' => array(
                    // These are the only modules the dashlet is allowed on
                'view' => array(
                    'record',   // Allowed on Record Views - removing this means dashlet is not allowed on Record View
                    'records',  // Allowed on List Views - removing this means dashlet is not allowed on List View

Usability improvements

We've also made a couple small usability improvements to the dashlet in the Spring '18 release:

  1. Users will see the link pointer (the little hand icon) when mousing over folders, category names, product names or product detail icons so that it's a little more clear what you can interact with.
  2. Chrome users will see a scroll bar on the right-hand side of the dashlet.  The scroll bar will change size and position as categories are opened and closed.
  3. All users will now see category and product names in the same fonts used in the rest of the Sugar user interface.  The dashlet rendered using incorrect fonts for some Windows users in the Winter '18 release.  

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