Custom Calendar View Visibility Controls

I am loving the new Calendar options in v13 to allow colouring of calendar events based on module/filter conditions etc. and the benefits that the different calendar view Templates can have for giving insight into events within the calendar.

However, one frustrating issue I have noticed is that, due to the visibility of Calendars being based on Team membership, all Administrator users automatically get EVERY calendar added to their "My Calendars" options, whether they want them or not.

Would it be possible to use the same visibility method as employed in the Manage Dashboards section that if a user "Favourites" a calendar in the View Calendars option, that this is then available to in their My Calendars list, or if a Calendar is set as "Default" with a checkbox, it automatically appears for ALL users?

As users start to see the benefits of the different more and more calendars will be created, which will then (under the current method) flood the Administrators' calendar lists beyond usability, causing them to look at turning off the ability for users to create Calendars