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Product Suggestions (Ideas) are reviewed on a regular cadence by Sugar's Product Management, Engineering, and other teams. Their scores (votes) are weighed against other enhancement requests, product bugs, and a variety of factors to determine what changes come in each version of a Sugar product. Help your fellow Club members by voting for ideas you like and would like to see in future Sugar releases.

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Most Recent Suggestions
  • Add Data Field Name on Layout > Record View Editor

    • Suggestions
    • New on 18 Jan 2023
    • Sugar Sell & Enterprise
    Hello, we would like to suggest an enhancement on Layout > Record View Currently, the data field available when editing the Record View toolbox where the list of data field you can drag-n-drop are available. It only shows Data Field Name and doesn...
    • 18 Jan 2023 9:40 AM
  • Market AutoSave Feature

    • Suggestions
    • New on 4 Nov 2022
    • Sugar Market
    Add a mechanism whereby when you are creating anything (template, email, report, nurture, etc) your work is saved in the background. Then should you experience a connectivity issue or local system crash you can get back to where you were.
    • 4 Nov 2022 10:48 AM
  • Link to CRM record from Market

    • Suggestions
    • New on 15 Jun 2022
    • Sugar Market
    Hi, I would find it really useful if there was a button that I could click that linked the Sugar Market record I am seeing to the corresponding record in CRM. "View in CRM" or something similar? At the moment I have to look at ID numbers on both...
    • 15 Jun 2022 12:30 PM
Highest Rated Suggestions
  • Organize Reports into Folders

    • Suggestions
    • New on 2 Jun 2022
    • Sugar Sell & Enterprise
    • 1 Comment
    It would be great to have the ability to organize reports we build into folders/ subfolders for easy reference when searching through existing reports. I know we are able to build Dashboards and group reports that way, but it would be a helpful feature...
    • 2 Jun 2022 2:45 PM
  • Ability to filter on empty/not empty records

    • Suggestions
    • New on 9 Jun 2021
    • Sugar Sell & Enterprise
    Suggestion: The ability to filter for empty/not empty records when using the listview filters against modules. Background: We are currently going through all of our data sets that we hold for each module to improve our sales and marketing campaigns...
    • 9 Jun 2021 2:58 PM
  • More Dashlet Chart Options

    • Suggestions
    • New on 7 Jan 2022
    • Sugar Sell & Enterprise
    It would be great to have some additional chart options when building dashboards, as a User sometimes you just need to see the specifics. Donut pie chart - is already used at the record view intelligence dashboard, that would be a great addition to...
    • 7 Jan 2022 10:08 AM