Make Shifts and Shift Exceptions Modules available in Studio and BPM

We have a requirement to create Shift Exceptions in a more automated manner from a custom module we have created. However there is no ability that we can see to create a relationship to that custom module in Studio for Shift Exceptions (or Shifts)

As part of this we want to use BPM to add a Related record in Shift Exceptions, however this is also not possible in BPM given that the BPM in question is based on the custom module.

We use Sugar On Demand Sell and Serve.

any ideas or can SugarCRM consider this as an idea ? 

  • Was the Shift Exceptions custom module created via Studio?

    We've been creating custom modules and creating relationships with them to both standard modules and custom modules.
    Admin > Studio > select module & expand tree view in left sidebar > Relationships

    These relationships are visible and usable in BPM workflows.

    Ben Hamilton (more)
  • Shift Exceptions is a standard SugarCRM Module. Our problem is we can't create a Relationship from our Custom Module which does display in Studio fine with the Shift Exceptions module which appears to have not been exposed in Studio by design by SugarCRM. Nor does it appear to be available in BPM. 

  • oh! of course! <forehead slap moment> :D 
    I've had coffee now, and yes, that is a problem

    Ben Hamilton (more)
  • Is it correct that the actual requirement is "to create Shift Exceptions in a more automated manner from custom module data"?

    If so, that one could be delivered with the Sugar platform configuring, perhaps, faster than a barista serves a cup of coffee - in case of being aware of how to correctly populate new Shifts and new Shifts Exceptions records with the data

    However, even if the field mapping for creating new records is unclear at the starting point, the one could be easily adjusted ... With coffee :)

    Have you tried to configure the required solution with Logic Builder?
    If not yet, let me help you

    Best Regards,
    Dmytro Chupylka
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  • Thanks Dmytro for detailed solution, however we are hesitant to invest a significant amount into an additional tool that may only be needed infrequently. 

  • Sure, considering tools doesn't worth the single small tweak!
    That's the question of a larger perspective - the expectations from the Sugar platform in place and the cost of the ability to make Sugar even better for both business and particular users right now.

    In fact, those who tried the configuring tools for Sugar employ configuring fairly frequently - having a bunch of deferred CRM tasks to support the business development vision - from simple tweaks (like this task) and to omnichannel integrations into Sugar and making AWS services available in Sugar with no code - tasks for which they never even dared to think of investment in custom code customizations - due to the obvious hesitations to face a high cost of such custom-coded solution ownership.

    Configuring tools changes that status quo - as you can see from this and this in the Club 

    Again, the result of configuring is free - what is charged is the access to the Logic Builder environment, but not the particular employment of configured solution.

    So, if to return to a particular task of this topic - is there a description of the custom module data mapping on how new Shifts should be populated from it?

    If it is, let me grab a cup of coffee and draw a solution for you - as an example of a configuration for the Clubmates and also so that your Sugar users could avoid waiting for SugarCRM to invest in activating the possibility in the interface - the possibility that actually has already been delivered by the vendor for Sugar platform and just waiting for being used with configuring

    Or, if you have registered to for trial, then we could configure it together

    Best Regards,
    Dmytro Chupylka
    We make work in Sugar CRM system faster, more convenient and efficient

  • Hi Greg, it looks like this has been requested via bug #88182 if you want to contact Support to add your request to the list and give Sugar a better idea of the need for this. Slight smile

    Sorry I don't have a solution for you in the meantime!


  • Thanks  - I have logged a case to be linked up with the bug.