Anyone in here any experience using sales-i in Sugar Sell yet? Have some questions 

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  • Thanks Alex, struggling to find any info re using within SugarCRM either from Sales-i or SugarCRM. we have bought into Sales-i just weeks before the sale to SugarCRM announced and have had our ERP data integrated to Sales-i and an iframe added into Sugar where we seem to have to continually log in to view. Particularly want to know if we have any ability to customise the home page -eg can we have top 10 accounts rather than top 5 displayed.  In account record view in SugarCRM we have an additional Tab added but that doesnt open to show detail for that account without having to search for that account first in sales-i iframe. Can we get the relevant detail for the related account appearing directly?

    we do have a user training day set up for next week at sales-i uk office but that seems to be aimed more on basics for end users rather than iitial setups accessible to Power Users. Trainer at sales-i has suggested its all new to him as well. Thanks