Last Activity Date : does not respond to Outlook sync'd mails ?

Hi all,

For Leads and some other fields, SugarCRM provides a last activity (date) field.

When using the Sugar mail function , this field indeed will update if you send a mail.

However, if you use the 'external mail' (f.i. in our case Outlook), this date does NOT seem to react if you send a mail.

Two questions :

1. Is this 'working as designed' to NOT respond when sending mail via an external mail client ?

2. Will the new connector solve this inconvenience ?

Thanks for any feedback,


  • Hi  ,

    Sugar does not have a native field called 'Last Activity'. Do you have the Last Activity plugin from enable installed or are you using Sugar Logic to attempt to calculate the date?

    In any case, when you send an email from Sugar, it sets an explicit relationship to the parent record. When using Outlook and sending an email, it will depend on how you archive the email. Based on your description, it sounds like you are using the legacy Outlook plug-in. If you click 'Send and Archive', the email gets sent to Sugar but the relationships are implicit (i.e. only records with an email address matching one of the email addresses on the email will display the related email). I'm assuming that is where you are encountering a discrepancy. 

    Solutions may be available, and understanding where your Last Activity date field originates and how it functions will be critical to assist any further.


  • Hi Hugo,

    Long ago, I created fields for the Last Email and Last Call in the Accounts and Contacts Module.  The issue was that it only updated when the Account or Contact record was updated.

    On the Sugar Outfitters site I found a product that automatically updates the Last Email, Last Call, and Last Meeting with an additional Last Activity Field.  I had a rough start with it, but it works like a charm now and I recommend it (and I DON'T get paid for the recommendation):

    Bud Hartley | Cape Foulwind, NZ (and Oregon, USA)