Product Catalogue dashboard text garbled

I have an interesting scenario.

In two different versions of Sugar CRM I have having an isse where the product catalogue tree does not render to text correcty, however this seems that on different machines using the same Chrome version the issue is not experienced.

I have reset the browser and removed all extensions etc. checked the screen resolution and zoom level but cannot seem to find any reason for this. I have noticed that this seems to affect Chromium browsers *(Chrome. Edge, and Opera) as Firefox on the same machine renders fine.

Any suggestion would be greatly appreciated... 

"sugar_version":"10.0.4", "sugar_db_version":"10.0.4", "sugar_flavor":"ENT", "sugar_build":"206"
sugar_version":"12.0.0", "sugar_db_version":"12.0.0", "sugar_flavor":"ENT", "sugar_build":"265",

10.0.4 12.0.0
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