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SugarCRM 12 Enterprise

I am trying to use SugarBPM to create a PDF with Doc Merge and then email it out.

I have dropped an action widget on to my design canvas and configured it for 'Doc Merge' by adding my template and ticking the PDF checkbox.

I fired the process and it completed without any errors, but I cannot see where the PDF document has gone (it is not in the Documents module) and I cannot see how I can get hold of the resulting PDF in BPM to email it out.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks


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  • Good call out! There is already a bug for this feature, bug # 89138, if you would like to contact Support to express your interest in that capability. The team is aware that it's a valuable feature that wasn't brought over when wDocs was brought into Sugar though and hopefully we will see it added soon enough!

    I'll also make sure we update that article to mention it too, thanks for mentioning that.


  • hi
    Thanks for updating the article.

    When you say hope to see it soon, can you help push for this to be resolved for v12.0.1 please, as otherwise I see lots of unhappy customers that are already using this feature with wDocs and v11 and then break it on upgrade?

    Other differences that could break existing wDocs user experience are:

    • Ability to Generate Labels
    • Categories for Templates

    Thanks for looking into this.

    CRM Business Consultant

  • Hi

    Emailing the merged document is a work in progress, so it will be available soon, but not in 12.0.1. 

    Ability to Generate Labels is available, you need to Doc Merge and select the checkbox Label Merging


    Categories is an open subject - thank you for highlighting it, we will consider this feature for one of our next releases, as we want our customers to be comfortable using Doc Merge.