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SugarCRM 12 Enterprise

I am trying to use SugarBPM to create a PDF with Doc Merge and then email it out.

I have dropped an action widget on to my design canvas and configured it for 'Doc Merge' by adding my template and ticking the PDF checkbox.

I fired the process and it completed without any errors, but I cannot see where the PDF document has gone (it is not in the Documents module) and I cannot see how I can get hold of the resulting PDF in BPM to email it out.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks


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  • Dear Andre,

    Thank you for your reply.

    I am not sure how Sugar intended the Doc Merge action in BPM is supposed to work.  I would like to handle the resultant merged document directly in the process and my aim is to email it out, but that does not seem possible.

    I tried to do a GET on module DocumentMerge, by changing the URL to <site address>/#DocumentMerge but that does not exist.  

    Creating a merged document in the BPM and then having to fish it out using the API is really awkward and I would not know how to identify which document relates to which, say, Account.  I would not think this is how Sugar intended the BPM function to be used?

    Many thanks


  • Hi Andre,

    I tried to do a post to that module, but the module does not seem to exist.  Either way, I would like to send the merged document by email.