Just had all of our Teams reassigned by "Logic Hook?"


I opened a case but I'm hoping someone can help out here. 

When one of our users went into our Sugar Professional instance this morning, she noticed that all of the "Team" assignments for all of her contacts had shifted from their assigned teams to "GLOBAL." 

I checked the audit log, and it shows it being done by her account - but off hours when she was not using it. Additionally at the top of the audit log it shows "LOGIC HOOK" as being the executor of the action. There are thousands of records this happened on. 

Additionally,. It seems that many of our contacts have also been duplicated - in some cases 5-7 times. Our storage went over the limit last night as well. 

I have a case open -but what is Logic Hook? and is there some sort of automated process that would have done this? I've disabled the user's account in the meantime. 

Any info would be appreciated. thanks