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We sell to government and often the sales cycle can be years.

Of course, over that amount of time it is impossible to remember everything you might have discussed with any of the often multiple contacts at an Account.

I need to give salespeople the ability to find a "nugget" of information that might have been discussed during a call, meeting or email in the Account History.

The Account History list everything, but I see no way to search all text in each of the above.


  • For the history: 
    describe what really matters in each interaction  (what is the "nugget") in a form of criteria then separate nugget from spammy data with configuring - configure a logic hook (e.g. with Logic Builder) to arranges "nuggets" on the TimeLine in Sugar  - to focus on history that really matter

    For the future: 
    add Agreements subpanel for Accounts to manage both formal and informal agreements in relation to dates
    Then use NeedToDo Viewer for Sugar to let people get back to agreements on time having all future activities represented in a simple todo feed rather than spread over different dashlets

    Let me know if any questions,


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    Dmytro Chupylka
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  • Hi I just saw this sorry it didn't alert me of the reply.

    Thank you for the suggestion.

    What is the NeedToDo Viewer?

  • Hi

    Need ToDo Viewer is an add-on that gets all future activities and deadlines - both out of the box and custom, - represented in one serial stream at any level of view.

    To clarify fast what is it, you may have a look at the recording - for about 10 min from this moment 

    I'd appreciate your feedback

    Best Regards,
    Dmytro Chupylka
    We make work in Sugar CRM system faster, more convenient and efficient

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  • It looks interesting. Our market is different than most though. I know everyone probably says that, but for us I think it is true.

    We sell to government.

    Our sales cycles can literally be years.

    We have a very specific, known market.

    We deal with elected officials and there is the potential for them to come and go.

    To date we have not used line items in our opportunities and we archive lots of emails to Sugar.

    Because the sales cycle could be years, it is often important to be able to find one mention of something specific. For example, did they say they prosecute juveniles separate from adults.

    I am not sure Need ToDo Viewer will help us with that, but I can't tell.

  • Need ToDo Viewer is about managing different future activities without missing them due to activities and dates to control scattered over the system and numerous entities.

    It won't help in search - there is a search engine for that, Elastic Search -and as I know from our development team, it is quite configurable.

    There is also another approach to consider that I mentioned above while saying about the TimeLine Viewer.
    An approach, that could help to avoid processing tons of historical data in case it is possible to define criteria in advance to identify key information
    Then, on each event that happened - e.g. on email archiving - to check e.g. email body for the criteria and make a note on the Timeline on a particular date, that e.g. "the official X from Ohio has mentioned that they prosecute juveniles separate from adults"

    The TimeLine Viewer implements this approach and if you like to try whether that could work for your case, just let me know and I will help to deploy it for trial

    In cases when it's hard to define algorithmic logical criteria for conclusions that an event has happened, the alternative to regular textual search could be employing AI for tagging emails.
    For example, we connected Amazon Web Services Comprehend to Sugar for tagging call recordings and call texts for the brokerage business domain, however, each domain demands efforts to teach AI to recognize the specifics of that domain for correct tagging

    All the Best,

    Best Regards,
    Dmytro Chupylka
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