Search Account History

We sell to government and often the sales cycle can be years.

Of course, over that amount of time it is impossible to remember everything you might have discussed with any of the often multiple contacts at an Account.

I need to give salespeople the ability to find a "nugget" of information that might have been discussed during a call, meeting or email in the Account History.

The Account History list everything, but I see no way to search all text in each of the above.


  • For the history: 
    describe what really matters in each interaction  (what is the "nugget") in a form of criteria then separate nugget from spammy data with configuring - configure a logic hook (e.g. with Logic Builder) to arranges "nuggets" on the TimeLine in Sugar  - to focus on history that really matter

    For the future: 
    add Agreements subpanel for Accounts to manage both formal and informal agreements in relation to dates
    Then use NeedToDo Viewer for Sugar to let people get back to agreements on time having all future activities represented in a simple todo feed rather than spread over different dashlets

    Let me know if any questions,