What Happens If You Are Nominated for A Customer Breakthrough Award?

Do you want to submit a nomination for the Customer Breakthrough Awards but have some questions? Here are some frequently asked questions:

Who can submit a nomination?

We encourage all SugarCRM customers to nominate their organizations. Sugar Partners and Employees can also nominate customers as long as they have reviewed the Submission Guidelines and Agreement. 

Where can I submit my nomination?

You can submit your company for consideration through the submission form or the Customer Breakthrough Awards landing page.

Can I submit for more than one award?

Yes! We encourage customers to take a good look over all the Customer Breakthrough Awards. To give your company the best chances of being selected as a winner, take the time to add details such as ROI or measurable business impacts when submitting your nomination. 

In case you've missed it, see our post on Customer Breakthrough Awards submission best practices!

When will I know if my nomination has been chosen?

If chosen as a winner, those who made the nomination will be notified via email on October 17, 2022. Since five winners will be invited to accept their awards in person at our Analyst Summit on November 9, any public announcements of the winners will be paused until November 10, when Sugar releases an official press release.

What happens if my organization wins?

Being selected as a 2022 SugarCRM Customer Breakthrough Award winner will earn business recognition as industry leaders and experts in their respective categories. Winners will receive a premium award to place on display, an exclusive badge for digital promotion, invitations to participate in events, analyst interviews, case studies, press releases, recognition in SugarClub, and more. Did we mention significant bragging rights?

What if I was nominated last year and wasn't selected as a winner?

We encourage you to nominate your organization again! Strengthen your nomination by adding more detail and measurable KPIs to tell a compelling story for a chance at being chosen as a winner.

What if I won an award in 2021?

You will only be considered for an award again if you nominate yourself for a different award and/or have expanded your use of Sugar.

Have more questions? Review the complete Frequently Asked Questions document.