Sugar Community Edition open source project ends

It was four years ago that I announced in my SugarCRM in the Next 10 Years post how SugarCRM would not be releasing new versions of the Sugar Community Edition CRM product, making Sugar 6.5 the last version of Sugar CE.  In mid 2017, we announced that Sugar 6.5 had reached it's end-of-life and would no longer be supported.  It is now time for the SugarCRM open source project to come to conclusion.

We are announcing today that the SugarCRM open source project and the corresponding Sugar Community Edition product are ending.  To be clear, SugarCRM has ended development and maintenance of the Community Edition. SugarCRM no longer issues new bug fixes, security updates and patches for the Community Edition, and will be soon removing all Community Edition downloads from

We want to thank all of the developers and users who made Community Edition such a special project for fourteen years.  For those curious about using Sugar, or users of Community Edition in production - we recommend starting a Free Trial of Sugar - get started here:

Thank you for your support over the years and we look forward to continuing the relationship with you as users of the Sugar Professional or Sugar Enterprise editions.

Clint Oram, CMO & Co-Founder

SugarCRM Inc.