Save the Date for the Q3 2023 Product Release

We are thrilled to announce another upcoming release that we're sure you will love. Mark your calendars for the Q3 2023 release, set to launch in July. Make sure to bookmark the Release Central space in SugarClub. This is where the magic happens; you won't want to miss out on any essential upgrade resources. 

The Q3 2023 release is all about enhancing your experience and boosting your productivity. Among the new updates, Sugar Sell and Sugar Enterprise are getting an all-new pipeline metrics dashboard, which will allow you to assess the health of your pipeline effortlessly without having to leave the current view in CRM or create a report. 

Additionally, action buttons will be enabled for all Focus Dashboards in Sugar Serve. These buttons will empower you to improve your agent productivity, gain insights from consolidated data, and customize your user experience to focus on what matters most to you.  

Check back here for the latest news, and get ready for more amazing updates on the horizon!