Introducing Sugar Integrate

Sugar Integrate Solution

Sugar Integrate is a brand new integration platform as a service (iPaaS), that is purpose-built for Sugar developers so that they can deliver on CX integration needs faster and accelerate business benefits. Sugar Integrate will enable developers and skilled administrators the ability to create programmatic connections between IT systems, applications, and devices in order to sync and share data. It provides integration tooling, a configuration interface, and also pre-built components that make connecting Sugar products to external systems faster than building the integrations from scratch. Sugar Integrate will support connecting to over 200 popular business applications across integration, migration, and community catalogs. Sugar Integrate is compatible with both cloud and on-premise deployments of Sugar Sell, Sugar Serve, Sugar Enterprise, and Sugar Professional.

Sugar Integrate is designed from the ground up to maximize reuse. Integrations can be built once by an integration developer and then used with other customers. Existing integrations can also be easily adapted to address related integration challenges.

Integrations are built using the following key features:

  • Adapters – An Adapter is a pre-built API connection resource to a cloud service or on-premise service that normalizes and enhances the native endpoint. Each Adapter offers a consistent interface with normalized APIs, authentication, model schemas, paging, bulk API’s, and eventing. Further, all Adapters in the public catalog are versioned and maintained – meaning less work from customers and partners to keep up with changes in 3rd party applications.
  • Common Resources – Provides a normalized view of data objects, like “accounts” or “orders,” and data mappings and transformations. This allows companies to manage the data they care about in the structure that is optimized for their business.
  • Procedures – Sugar Integrate allows developers to create powerful and flexible event-driven integration workflows called Procedures. Users can set automated or manual triggers, orchestrate multiple API calls and data transformations that automate business processes across multiple systems.
  • Adapter Builder and Community – When the existing Adapter catalog is not enough, Sugar Integrate users can quickly extend public Adapters or build new ones using Adapter Builder.
  • Pre-built integration templates - Sugar Integrate includes a catalog of pre-built integration templates (a set of Common Resources, Procedures) that makes addressing the most common integration challenges easy and repeatable.