Does anyone know any open source or paid chat modules for SugarCRM v6.5?

We're looking to integrate a chat module in our SugarCRM and so far I've seen some livechat support which is not what we want as we would like to only have an internal chat module (like facebook that doesn't need to use an entire page for chat). I've also encountered HipChat, Secure.Chat, and CiscoSpark but they are too expensive and I don't think that they offer what we want (facebook like chat module) also they are a bit over featured as we only need a simple chat module that sends messages, creates groups, and if possible can attach files.

Chat Module Main Features:


Secure Encrypted Messaging

Can store/review chat log 

Create groups per department/team

*Attach Files/Images

Facebook Chat like interface where a small window will just pop when you have a chat and there is just a small window on the side of the screen to select those whom you want to chat with.

If anyone has any ideas regarding free or paid systems that offer this functionalities please post below.

Thank You