On-Demand Module Loader Issues


We're having an issue in module loader on an On-Demand Instance. Here's a picture -

On the "Code Level Customisations" module the Uninstall & Disable buttons are missing. The version 95 is correct. Prior to an upgrade today it was at 94 with no buttons too.

For "EWDStudio" module, it's way out. I uploaded and installed a version today but it's not visible anywhere in module loader. I have confirmed that the changes did get applied to the instance.

A quick rebuild didn't resolve the issue.

Can anyone advise how to rebuild or correct this list?

Thanks in advance.

  • Gary,

    There could be multiple reasons why the buttons are not displaying.  The most common reasons are:

    1. The package is set to not be uninstallable within the manifest.php file,
    2. The module loadable package may be missing from the file system, or
    3. The md5sum of the package file name on the file system does not match the md5sum of the filename in the upgrade_history table in the database.  

    Since you are hosted in the On Demand environment and do not have direct access to the file system or database directly, I recommend that you submit a support ticket to SugarCRM Support.

    Hope this helps,


  • There are a few other reasons why the buttons would be missing.  They are mostly issues with how the manifest.php file was written (other than the uninstall option).  If you could post the manifest.php files from these packages we could tell if that would be the problem.

  • Here's the head of the manifests - The 2 packages in question - 

    The "Ids' in the manifest have never changed.

    (1) This is a studio export.

    $manifest = array (
      'built_in_version' => '',
      'acceptable_sugar_versions' =>
      array (
          0 => '',
      'acceptable_sugar_flavors' =>
      array (
        0 => 'ENT',
        1 => 'PRO',
      'readme' => '',
      'key' => '',
      'author' => '',
      'description' => '',
      'icon' => '',
      'is_uninstallable' => true,
      'name' => 'EWDStudio',
      'published_date' => '2016-10-10 08:41:19',
      'type' => 'module',
      'version' => 1476088917,
      'remove_tables' => 'prompt',

    $installdefs = array (
      'id' => 'EWDStudio',
      'relationships' =>
      array (
        0 =>
        array (
          'meta_data' => '<basepath>/metadata/accounts_cta_ct_agreements_1MetaData.php',
        1 =>
        array (
          'meta_data' => '<basepath>/metadata/accounts_eq_equipment_1MetaData.php',
        2 =>
        array (
          'meta_data' => '<basepath>/metadata/accounts_site_site_1MetaData.php',

    (2) This is a custom build package -

        $manifest = array(
            'acceptable_sugar_flavors' => array('PRO','ENT','ULT'),
            'acceptable_sugar_versions' => array(
                'exact_matches' => array(),
                'regex_matches' => array('(.*?)\.(.*?)\.(.*?)$'),
            'author' => 'gary@smart-itc.com.au',
            'description' => 'Code Level Customisations: Javascipt, Logic Hooks',
            'icon' => '',
            'readme' => 'README.TXT',
            'is_uninstallable' => true,
            'name' => 'Code Level Customisations',
            'published_date' => '2016-9-10 19:41',
            'type' => 'module',
            'remove_tables' => 'prompt',
            'version' => '96',
        $installdefs = array(
            'id' => 'EWDCodeLevel90866532', // Do not change Id.
            'beans' => array(),
            'layoutdefs' => array(),
            'relationships' => array(),
            'custom_fields' => array(),
  • Gary,

    Since you are hosting Sugar On Demand and do not have access to the database or file system directly, I recommend that you submit a support ticket to troubleshoot this issue.  Once a solution is found, it will be helpful if you post the resolution here for future reference.


  • Hi all,

    Closing this with the resolution with was a support ticket to Sugar. They fixed up the issue promptly.