Is it possible to addValidationTask to TileView?

The TileView feature of Sugar is powerful. We have added validation tasks to the Create and Record view of Opportunities using the guide at

However, TileView is neither the Create or Record view. We would like to enforce the validation within the TileView.

Use Case:

When an Opportunity reaches the Sales Stage of Closed Won, we would like to ensure that at least one "Contact" is associated with the Opportunity. This works great in Create and Record view.

If we drag and drop in the TileView we would like to enforce this as well.

  • Have you tried adding the validation task to the record view controller? Looking at the codebase, it looks like on drop (save) in tile view, the record view is loaded in specifically for doing the record save validations (see clients/base/views/pipeline-recordlist-content/pipeline-recordlist-content.js where it loads in the tile-validation-drawer layout).