Issues with Sugar 13.0 and PHP 8.2 in Vagrant

Anyone else having issues getting Sugar 13.0 to work in a Vagrant using PHP 8.2? I keep getting " (Elasticsearch Queue Scheduler) failed in CRON run, Undefined constant "Sugarcrm\Sugarcrm\Elasticsearch\Adapter\CURLOPT_USERAGENT"" from the cron jobs but I also see "Undefined constant" in the php error logs. I have gotten it to work using PHP 8.0 but not 8.2, which is the version Sugar says 13.0 is compatible with. I am currently using Vagrant "sugarcrm/php80es716" but I have upgraded ElasticSearch to 8.7.1 and MySQL to 8.0.33 but I have been unable to get 13.0 to work on Vagrant "sugarcrm/php82es84"

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  • This is a cloud backup. Also, Rafael, as I stated, I tried sugarcrm/php82es84. The reason for upgrading the images is for a true development environment, it needs to match up with the Live environment. I have a list of commands I have to run on Vagrant images to get them where they need to be for development and testing purposes. So far the images I have used have always been missing SSL and certain php mods that are required to match the live environment. Also, the images are too small to hold a live backup, so I have to also extend the storage for the vagrant image to work. Currently, I have been unable to get 13.0 to work with PHP 8.2.