Issues with Sugar 13.0 and PHP 8.2 in Vagrant

Anyone else having issues getting Sugar 13.0 to work in a Vagrant using PHP 8.2? I keep getting " (Elasticsearch Queue Scheduler) failed in CRON run, Undefined constant "Sugarcrm\Sugarcrm\Elasticsearch\Adapter\CURLOPT_USERAGENT"" from the cron jobs but I also see "Undefined constant" in the php error logs. I have gotten it to work using PHP 8.0 but not 8.2, which is the version Sugar says 13.0 is compatible with. I am currently using Vagrant "sugarcrm/php80es716" but I have upgraded ElasticSearch to 8.7.1 and MySQL to 8.0.33 but I have been unable to get 13.0 to work on Vagrant "sugarcrm/php82es84"

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  • This is a cloud backup. Also, Rafael, as I stated, I tried sugarcrm/php82es84. The reason for upgrading the images is for a true development environment, it needs to match up with the Live environment. I have a list of commands I have to run on Vagrant images to get them where they need to be for development and testing purposes. So far the images I have used have always been missing SSL and certain php mods that are required to match the live environment. Also, the images are too small to hold a live backup, so I have to also extend the storage for the vagrant image to work. Currently, I have been unable to get 13.0 to work with PHP 8.2.

  • Hi ,

    Interesting, could you share what you change/run, so I can try to incorporate that in the core images going forward?

    As for your statement "it needs to match up with the Live environment, not sure if I agree with it, as those images are supposed to match our Development Platforms for a particular release.

    For example, upgrading to ES 8.7.1 and/or MySQL 8.0.33, you are running on a non-supported platform, you can do that but at your own risk, we did not certify Sugar on those.

    If you find issues with the versions we release, let me know (as you are doing here) and I'll make sure those images get fixed and released.

    SugarCRM | Principal Developer Advocate