Cases: Assign Follow-Up Cases to parent cases assigned user depending on shift availability


I'm looking for a solution:

There is a case and the assignment is performed via the Round Robin process depending on the shifts module. Our customers have the possibility to create a follow-up case. This will be subordinated to the previous case. Now it is to be checked whether the assigned user of the parent case is currently active in the shift. If this is true, the follow up case should be assigned to the same user as the parent case and if not, a new assignment via round robin should take place depending on the current shift availabilities.

I can't get any further in SugarBPM and via the Business Rules and would be happy if there are any solutions on your side.

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  • I have not tried this, but you could try with a logic hook on Cases. I am thinking a before_relationship_add

    I would put this on Cases and if you are adding a relationship to Users ($arguments['related_module']=='Users', check if this case is a followup, if so see who is assigned to the parent case and if they are on shift etc.. and changes assignment if needed.

    I am making the assumption the adding the assigned user will trigger the before/after relationship add logic. I've not tested this.

    It may be worth a try.

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  • Hi ,

    In your scenario, is there an formal relationship between the parent case and child case? If so, our plugin, Upsert BPM Essentials, is a great solution for your use case. You can inherit the assignee from parent case and also dictate how much time the user has remaining in their shift to be eligible to receive the case. If the user is outside that availability window, you then select where to assign the case. For your specific scenario, you could determine to route the case to a group user queue specifically for users who are unavailable and have a second process definition that picks up cases assigned to that group user and puts them into the round robin. 

    If you would like a demo of the plugin, please let me know!