SugarBPM Business Rules - Enhance the display for dropdown selection in a proper way ?


we are probably not the only one to facing the issues with SugarBPM Business Rules screen when you are manipulating dropdown with "long" label.

As you can see on the screen shot bellow, the selected record AND the dropdown element picker are too small ; for some of my customer, this is an important issue because some of the label starts with the same characters so no way to distinguish them easily (need to select one and then using the overlay tooltip to check that the good option was selected)

So, before go further in investigation and probably a quick hack using CSS styling, I just want to know if someone already solves this issue and how ?

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  • Hi guys,

    so, without any news, here's the hotfix we applied to override the current display limit for the BPM :

    div.adam.field-panel {
        width: 15% !important;
    .decision-table table td.decision-table-conclusion-column .expression-container {
        width: 20em;

    My main concern is that we added this in custom/themes/custom.less file. This is good on premise because we can easily update it.

    But, when you are on the cloud, it is more complicated (you need to get the current custom.less so create a case to get it or ask a full backup  etc.) ; and even more, if we want to create a hotfix package to override this for all our customer cloud instance, how can we extend the custom.less in a generic way and not by duplicate each customer custom.less file, then modify it and the upload the hofixed version.

    Any suggestion is welcome.


  • Hello Fred,

    Thanks a lot for the trick, I just see your topic today ... We also face this issue as one of our customer is dealing with several Business Rules.

    I will keep this fix in my mind to apply it in a future release. But I agree that generally the SugarBPM layout has to be reviewed, the modal is too small for several use cases we are facing ... 

    Have a nice day and good week-end in advance :-)


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    Please open an enhancement request on your portals, it's the only way to track and improve our product.

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