How to retrieve or get bean in custom end point

This is the code that I have but I kept getting null as the REST response.

but when I use raw SQL query I am able to get the results that I needed. However i'd prefer to use the Bean module instead of doing sql query.

What am I doing wrong?


if(!defined('sugarEntry') || !sugarEntry) die('Not a Valid Entry Point!');

class SdcImportApi extends SugarApi


  public function registerApiRest()


  return array(

  'SdcEndPoint' => array(

  'reqType' => 'GET',

  'noLoginRequired' => true,

  'path' => array('SdcEndPoint','GetExample', '?'),

  'pathVars' => array('','','contactId'),

  'method' => 'MyGetMethod'),



  public function MyGetMethod($api, $args)


  $contact = BeanFactory::retrieveBean('contacts','f3dc0892-d081-8b8e-dce8-571a703a3593',array('disable_row_level_security' => true));

  return $contact;

  //global $db;

  //$query ="select * from contacts c join contacts_cstm cc on cc.id_c = where = 'f3dc0892-d081-8b8e-dce8-571a703a3593'";

  //$result = $db->query($query,true);

  //$row = $db->fetchByAssoc($result);

  //return $row;

  //return $args['contactId'];