FYI: Rackspace has blocked for 7 days which is used by Sugar on the West Coast of the USA

Our Sugar Enterprise system stopped sending emails on Wednesday - both scheduled reports and BPM emails.  I was slow digging into it, and it wasn't until today that we determined that our email provider (Rackspace) was rejecting the log-on from our SugarCRM system.

We just confirmed with them that they have blocked the IP which is used for On-demand Sugar installations.  The block is for seven days and started 8/31/2021

I've temporarily switched to another email provider for our system

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  • Thanks Matt.  Yes, I received a Case update this morning.  I have left our system using one of my email addresses although I tested the original this morning and it works.  My "fear" is that rackspace will do the nasty again, and it may be a few hours before any of our users notices that they're not getting email from the system.  I'll wait until I get confirmation on my case before switching back.

    Bud Hartley | Oregon, USA