Is there a way to report on implicitly-linked Contact Emails?

There does not seem to be a way to create a report that shows Emails visible in the Email subpanel of a Contact. We currently send emails to Contacts that we archive by including the Email Archive email address (SNIP) in the BCC. We observe that the email shows up in the Contact's Email subpanel due to the matching of email address in email and Contact. When writing a report on the Contact module that shows emails, the emails that are archived this way do not show up on the report. We also tried via the Email module, but haven't found them that way either. We believe this is a "feature" of the implicit linking of the email archiving service. Thanks for any help.

  • Hi Vince,

    I can confirm that unlike Outlook addon, the SNIP service does not create a physical relationship between an email archived and other Sugar entities - AFAIK, Contacts Email subpanel, alike other Emails subpanels, filter Emails records matching from/to fields (maybe more complex condition) to the Contact's email address in order to display on the subpanel - and does that on the fly.
    Sometimes this is an advantage - if there is a mailing with some email address that had been archived prior to the Contact is represented in CRM, you find those Emails on the Contact Subpanel too 

    Actually, there are 2 options
    1) to configure logic that would physically relate the Email record to the Contact record on email is Archived (on data save - I suppose I configured this with Logic Builder some years ago)
    2) Express the email address matching criterion Email-to-Contact in the report.
    However, I suppose only Advanced Reports capabilities are in a position to help with such a challenge - Advanced Reports allows writing SQL query for selection

    Best Regards,
    Dmytro Chupylka
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