Populate Cases Module dropdown with API call

Dear All,

I am a developer totally new to sugar crm, so apologies if this doesn't make sense.

I have a cases module with dropdown fields added to a panel. I want to fill these fields by reading from an external rest api get endpoint during data entry, say if /search/id responds with {name: "client"}, I would like to update the name field to client as the data entry proceeds. My questions are:

- Can this be done from the module builder or the studio of the crm instance?

- If not, should this be done from the code of the deployed instance?

- Could someone kindly point me to the documentation I would follow to develop this?

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  • I suppose that your instance is hosted at SugarOndemand, right? If so then you have no access to filesystem. Instead you need to request, via Customer Portal, backup of production instance in order to configure a dev env.

    You will be able to implement at your dev instance, to build an installable package and then install it in production instance.


    André Lopes
    Lampada Global
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