Is it possible to add a link of the corresponding Sugar BPM process to a process email template?


we would like to notify users on new processes by email and allow them to directly jump into the process. Right now we can only link them to their dashboard/process list and have them click through the view.

So right now i do not see a way to add a link (directing to the show-case layout of the pmse_inbox) to a process email template without proper code customizing; or am i missing something?

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  • Hello,

    let me show an example

    1. Create the Process Email Template and click on the Record Link Selector (highlighted with yellow)

    2. From the lookup select "Processes"

    3. Save the Process Email Template

    4. Create a new Process Definition for  e.g. Accounts as target; add an Activity to the process definition.
    For that Activity navigate Forms->Email tab, set checkbox about notifications, and select the Process Email Template created above

    Now, if the process runs, the user might receive the notification like this:

    As you can see, the link directs to the showcase layout

    I hope this helps

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    Dmytro Chupylka
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  • Hey 

    thank you very much! I never noticed that there is a "Processes" Option within the Record Link Selector - my bad.