How to get a field auto populate from another module's (from subpanel view) field on create view?

I need to get a field from a module and set the value of this field on the name field when I'm creating a new record. For example, in a custom module, we have a field called "work product", when we are creating a new record in subpanel module we want to show the consecutive value (from our custom module) on the work product field. 

Below is the code : 

    extendsFrom: 'CreateView',
    initialize: function (options) {
        this._super('initialize', [options]);
        this.on('render', _.bind(this.onload_function, this));
  onload_function: function () {
    var parent_model = App.controller.context.get('model');
      var parentId = parent_model.get('id'); // It will get parent record id
      var parentname = parent_model.get('_module');	  // It will get parent record name
       if(parentname == 'GD_Group_Design')
           var parent_wp = App.controller.context.get('model').get('m03_work_product_gd_group_design_1_name');
           alert('parent_wp ' + parent_wp);
           this.model.set('m03_work_product_taskd_task_design_1_name',parent_wp); //a simple set statement takes care of selecting the option on the dropdown

Although i am getting the field value from parent module but  it's showing the below error when i am trying to create new record from subpanel view using + button .

this.context.parent.get(...).get is not a function at ....