Calculating Revenue Line Item Likely Field Based On Other Field Values

I was wondering if you can point me in the right direction for what I’m trying to do here…


When a Revenue Line Item (RLI) record is created (either during Opportunity creation or otherwise), we want to set the RLI Likely field to a value equal to the value of a custom field (Area Square Footage) times a cost per square foot value that is dependent on the RLI Area System selection.


So, if the RLI Area Square Footage is 1000 and the RLI Area System selected is “ALX Standard”, then the area cost per square foot is $3.15 and RLI Likely would be $3150. We have a table of these System-to-Cost-Per-Square-Foot values.


My thought was to utilize SugarBPM to do this, but the thing I’m stuck on is that RLI Likely is a calculated field, so SugarBPM does not offer it up as a field I can change. Maybe there is a way to do this in SugarLogic, but that would still mean changing the OOTB formula for the RLI Likely field. I’m not sure of the impact of that.


Any thoughts on the best approach for this? revenue line item calculated field business processes sugarlogic