How To Remove List View Edit Button Based On Condition..?

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How to remove list View Edit Button Based On Condition..?sugarcrm expert sugar developers

  • You can not, conditionally, remove a button from rowactions, but instead you can disable it.

    Save the attached js file into custom/clients/base/fields/sticky-rowaction-deactivable/

    Inside the recordlist of a give module modify the definitions of the target button at the rowactions attribute:

       'type' => 'sticky-rowaction-deactivable',
       'name' => 'edit_button',
       'label' => 'LBL_EDIT_BUTTON',

       'event' => 'list:editrow:fire',

       'acl_action' => 'edit',
       'deactivable' => array(
          'triggerFields' => array('status'),
          'trigger' => 'or(isInList($status, createList("Closed", "Cancelado", "Pedido nao Postado")), not(isUserInList(createList("SIMM_GER", "SIMM_SUP"))))',

    Remember to run QRR after saving the files.


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  • @André Lopes

    Thanks for quick Replay ...

    But i want to remove based on Some condition....