How to use SugarBPM to trigger activities in Customer Journey

Hi All,

I'm looking for help with making SugarBPM work with Customer Journey. We have a Customer Journey shown in "CS screenshot", where the completion of a task called "Create Pricing Tool" triggers the next task called "Pricing Tool Review by MS Leader". I'm trying to automate this step in such a way that, if the review in "Pricing Tool Review by MS Leader" step is approved, then the step "Pricing Tool Review by MS Leader" is marked as Complete and the next activity called "Pricing Tool Review by Finance" is started. If the review is rejected, then the process reopens the previous step, "Create Pricing Tool", and notifies the assigned-to user of the previous step.

I'm trying to put together a SugarBPM process that will do this, as shown in "sugarBPM screenshot". The process starts when the "trigger event" is "Complete" in Customer Journey Related Sugar Actions module and when "name" in Customer Journey Related Sugar Actions module is "Create Pricing Tool" (start event settings screenshot). After this, I've set up a Form Response Evaluation. Then, I got stuck. I'm having trouble figuring out how to set the actions in Approve and Reject pathways so that the process works as described above. Any help would be appreciated.