Cases Recordview sometimes not rendering for one specific user

Without apparent pattern, one specific user (out of around 40 total) has been opening Case recordview to sometimes find that the entire "main pane" section, containing all fields as well as the edit button, have not been rendered in the browser. The entire section is collapsed to the space of 1 or 2 lines, with no content and a grey background, and the subpanels appear to still be rendered correctly underneath. There are no errors visible in the browser or JS console, and I don't see any relevant errors server side (unless I'm missing something). The only permissions set for this user is "None" on Case deletion. Hard refreshing, relogging, and clearing cookies all fail to fix the issue.

When I log into her browser with my account, the record is fine. She can then log back in and view the record as normal, but only after I view the case in her browser under my (admin) username.

A second user changed the status and assignment of the case, and the first user could then see the case correctly again.

Version is Enterprise,, on-premise.