Increasing CRM Usage

One of the best ways to increase CRM adoption is to ensure that the CRM is a vital aspect of how your users do their job. As in, they can’t do their job without it. It should be a natural part of your processes, not something extra to do. Here are a few ways you can better incorporate your CRM into your daily work interactions: 

  • Build a dashboard with KPIs for individuals/teams and review metrics during meetings straight from the dashboard 
  • Use Sugar Connect to log emails and view, create, and edit CRM information direct from the your Gmail or Outlook inbox.  
  • Link others to reports in CRM vs. downloading and sending a file 

What tips would you give to others to increase CRM usage?  

  • I think we need to plan Training as part of the CRM Implementation to improve adoption. Even though SugarCRM is easy to use, comprehensive training enables end users to use the usability features that they like or need. 

    Successful CRM Implementation needs Training as a strategy.

    Ram Kumar LK

    Sr Solution Architect

  • Hi ,

    I definitely agree! Training cannot be overlooked. Often small things that frustrate users can be eliminated with some simple training. Ideally training should be ongoing as well. During a roll out there can be so much information coming at users all at once. Reinforcing that training over time is also critical to success. 

    Director, Customer Enablement | SugarCRM

  • Hi  ,

    One of the key element that we stress for CRM Adoption is refreshing the implementation every year. 

    When we implement a CRM for the first time there will be lot of challenges so however we try our best we may not be able to implement the complete feature set. But if companies look at "Refreshing their CRM Implementation" as an annual process the adoption continuously improves. 

    We have a blog on our website to elaborate this - 

    Many a times when we do a review of a CRM Implementation, every time we see additional benefits to end users by enabling some part of the CRM.

    Hope this helps. 

    Ram Kumar LK

    Sr Solution Architect