Service Accelerates Growth

SugarCRM’s mission is to provide a platform that helps our customers serve their customers. If you measure success by revenue growth, then service is a powerful force to drive this growth. A sales team that is in lock step with your service team will provide the foundation to retain and grow the relationship with your customers.


Sugar Serve is a component of the Sugar PCX Platform. Sugar Serve provides channels for your customers to engage with you and the tools you need to serve them effectively. While there are many tools in the market that provide case management and knowledge self-help portals, Sugar Serve provides those tools combined with a rich customer management platform. I am often asked to compare our offering to other help desk tools such as Sugar vs Zendesk. While Zendesk has good self-help and service agent capabilities, there is no comparison to the depth of customer information and process management tools that come with SugarCRM.  

 Sugar’s account data model goes way beyond case management and allows you to configure and extend it to represent a full picture of your customer relationship. We enable you to have your customers' product purchase histories, contract renewals, engagement history, marketing response, sales development history, ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) integration, and so much more. Sugar provides a BPM (Business Process Model) engine that automates best-practice processes. Sugar Serve will track service level promises and escalate cases that are departing from ideal timelines. These are powerful tools to understand the context of your customers' inquiries and effectively address their requests. Your team will provide better service when they do not need to switch between multiple customer information systems.  


For the greatest effect, the Sugar platform should be deployed to the entire organization. Engage your entire organization to work together in response to your customers' call for help. When Sugar Serve is combined with Sugar Sell you can leverage the sales team to help manage the relationship. Working in one unified customer platform helps you react to sales opportunities learned while servicing the customer. Sugar Serve can automatically alert sales reps to service activity or service patterns for the accounts they manage. When the account manager makes their routine calls to your customer, they have full insight into your customer service history, and can in turn create follow-up service cases on behalf of their customer. 


With Sugar Serve connected to Sugar Market, you can engage a full customer communication platform to help serve your customer. Sugar Market can send NPS (Net Promoter Score) and VOC (Voice of Customer) surveys to your customers. This adds a whole new continuous feedback loop for both sales and service. Service cases provide unique and valuable insight into customer needs.  In response to a customer case, a service or sales rep could initiate a Sugar Market email nurture sequence to send the customer a series of helpful messages over a period of time.  

You have a vision of how you want to service your customer. Deploy tools that help orchestrate your vision, create a culture of service, and you will reap the rewards from customers who value and depend on you. 

If you want to learn or discuss more, we are at your service!