Season 2 Episode 13: Sugar Changes in the Q3 2022 Release

Show Notes:

In this episode, we explore the improvements and enhancements in the Q3 2022 or version 12.1 release. This is a cloud-only release, but these features will be available for on-premise customers in the next major release. In this podcast episode, we provide only the top or major changes in the release. Please refer to the links below for all the changes available in this release. And, since it’s only audio, you’d benefit from watching the SugarU training videos to see the actual changes in Sugar.

Sugar Mobile Solutions Guides and Release Notes

What’s New in the Q3 2022 Sugar Release Training Course (5 product videos)

Sugar Sell 12.1 Guides and Release Notes

Sugar Serve 12.1 Guides and Release Notes

What to Expect When Upgrading to 12.1 (Q3 2022) Help Article