Season 2 Episode 5: Exploring the Customer Journey Plug-in

In this episode, we discuss: ·

  • What is the Customer Journey Plug-in (CJP)? ·
  • How it benefits your organization. ·
  • What you’ll have to do, as the Sugar Admin, to make it work in your Sugar Instance? ·
  • What are the high-level steps to Creating a Customer Journey Template?

Use the links below to help you download, install, activate, and configure the Customer Journey Plug-in. Also, how you can create the Customer Journey Templates and your end-user learn how to use the CJP.

Downloads Folder (download the CJP)

Installing the CJP

Activating the CJP

Configuring User Access

Creating Customer Journey Templates

How to Use the Customer Journey Plug-in (Free e-Learning course for End Users)