Season 2 Episode 1: New Calendar & Doc Merge

This episode reviews the New Calendar (Sidecar Calendar) and Doc Merge that came out in version 11.2 for Sugar Sell and Sugar Serve. The benefits and major features of both features are reviewed. Please use the links below to find more detailed information on how to create a calendar and merge documents.

Sidecar Calendar Application Guide (v. 11.3) Sugar Sell 

Sidecar Calendar Application Guide (11.3) Sugar Serve

Understanding Sidecar Calendar vs wCalendar Help Article

How to Create a Role to Restrict Users from Deleting and Editing Someone Else’s Calendar

Sugar Sell 11.3 Release Notes

Sugar Serve 11.3 Release Notes

Doc Merge Application Guide (v. 11.3) Sugar Sell

Doc Merge Application Guide (v. 11.3) Sugar Serve

Doc Merge Help Articles


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