Season 1 Episode 3: 6 Critical Configurations to Quickly Get your Team Started using Sugar

In Episode 3, we review 6 critical configurations to quickly get your team using Sugar. These items are by no means a comprehensive list. After all, every Sugar implementation is different. One size will never fit all. The idea here is to point you in the right direction for your first steps.

1. Core Settings 

  •    System Settings
  •    Locale
  •    Currencies
  •    Mobile
  •    Opportunities Configuration
  •    Outbound Email Settings

2. Creating Users, Teams, and Roles

3. Configure Existing Sugar Modules 

  •    Studio and Dropdown Editor
  •    Renaming Modules
  •    Display Modules and Subpanels
  •    Configure Quick Create Menu

4. Configure New Modules using Module Builder

5. Import or Migrate records

6. Create Additional Reports (navigate to the reports lesson)

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